Help a Beginner Understand

Mar 11, 2011 at 3:57 AM

I am brand new to this so forgive my ignorance.  I have just started to teach myself some basic PHP.  I want to develop a simple web application that allows the user to enter text as answers to different questions into a html form.  When the user submits their answers I would like to email them their answers in a certain format in a PowerPoint file.  It is important that it is a powerpoint file so that the user can easily make changes to the format or content.

1.  Is this possible?

2.  Can someone give me a brief overview of how I would use PHPPowerPoint to integrate with my Web Form?  Is there anywhere I can read more about how to use PHPPowerPoint?  I downloaded the file, but it just seems like a bunch of files and I don't know where to begin to get an understanding.  

Sorry for my ignorance.  Thank you for your help!